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Ensure that you are running the latest version of OxyGen Code Generator
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Sample: Generating and Consuming WCF Services
Sample: Generating and Consuming WCF Services
Contains a simple WCF Service generated by OxyGen Code and the ASP.NET client that consumes the service.

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White Paper: The Generated Code and the Application Model. Download or View
Explore the relationship between the Output of OxyGen Code and your Application Model.
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OxyGen Code Manual Download or View
Get step by step instructions on all the major functionalities of OxyGen Code.

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Visual Studio Addin
Generating code direct from Visual Studio
Generating WCF Services
Highlighting WCF Service generation with OxyGen Code
Virtual and Db Schemas
Overview of the effects of using Virtual and-or Db Schemas
Simple Inheritance
A quick example on how to configure Table Inheritance