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Advanced Ultimate
Processing instructions
Virtual Schemas
 Virtual Stored Procedures
Visual Studio Add-in
ASP.NET UI Templates
Code Publication
Data activities
Paging and caching
Advanced Stored Procedure (SP) features    
    Automate SP grant execute
    SP Configuration wizard
Advanced Generated Code settings    
    Generate empty partial classes Option
    Generate source code comments option
Advanced layer configuration    
    Configure Interfaces
    Configure Class, Method and Member Attributes
Business and Service context
Service interface model options
Register additional methods and classes
Pre and Post generation actions
Oracle support  


Discounted licence packs

multi-developer licences are sold as licence packs. Buying licence packs may result in savings as high as 45 percent.

5 Licence pack 10 Licence pack
save $179.99
save $449.98
save $449.99
save $1049.97
save $1049.98
save $2699.96


Implementation & Technical Advisory Services
For large-scale projects, we offer implemenation support services in the following areas:
  • OxyGen Code Implementation suppport
  • OxyGen Code customization
  • Data modelling & database design
  • Application Infrastructure architecture
  • Web Services and SOA design
Let us know if we can help:

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